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Yes, you have reason to worry.


2013 Books

Right now, it looks like I'll have two books coming out in 2013. Check my blog for current updates:

A Long Road to Love series, book 1: Worst Week Ever (July 15 Release) is a humorous and sometimes poignant novel about a budding romance between a very small middle-class heroine (4'6") and her billionaire boss (6'). They couldn't be less alike, nor have worse luck.

See it's fabulous trailer, created by Danielle Fine/Definitions:


The Ghost Lover (expected December Release by Lyrical Press) is a delightful story in which two brothers fall in love with the same young woman, requiring their ancestral ghost to get involved. Only he falls in love with her as well.

2014 Books

A Long Road to Love series, book 2: Oh My Stupid Heart (expected in early 2014) is the continued trials of Carrie (from Worst Week Ever) as she tries to make her relationship with her billionaire boss work. Nevermind they are different species. The heart wants what it wants.

SkyRyders: The Phoenix Series (published by Fated Desires Publishing--expected 2014 release of all three books: Phoenix Rises, Phoenix Burns, and Phoenix Reborn) The Futuristic Urban Fantasy is about an extraordinary young debutant turned street girl, turned SkyRyder and the men who risked their lives and career to help her.

A Long Road to Love series, book 3: Coming to Reason (expected in late 2014) is the conclusion of Carrie's romantic disasters as she finally finds true love, having discovered just because a guy says he loves you doesn't make him Mr. Right.

Old but still important news:

Saving Casey released November 15th:

Reviews have been mostly 5 stars. And with the reviewers permission I've made placards of their best comments. You can see them here.

The best ambassador for Saving Casey is my fabulous, professionally done, video book trailer (created by Daneille Fine) that takes my breath away and hopefully yours as well. (Don't worry, I'll bring enough oxygen tanks for us all).

Saving Casey Book Trailer

As you know, in my early 'thinking out of the box' schemes, I found an old and young actress to be my main character (Cass begins the novel as an old woman and then wakes in the body of a young troubled teen).

They vlogged on you-tube.

Old Cass just says goodbye to her friends and family. She can't call them in person, because then they will try to stop her from killing herself. (She firmly believes old people should have the right to say how they die. She has terminal cancer, she wants to go out quickly.)

New Cass complains about her New Crappy Life. She is NOT happy with those tatoos on her face! Nor is she happy about her new mega-mansion, her parents, or the butler. Turning around this new life is proving much harder than she imagined.

I have eight videos. I'm curious if people will like, hate, or just refuse to watch them. (I'd prefer it not be the latter, because I really want to know what you think-good or bad. Otherwise I won't know if this works.)

You can find them here That would be my blog site.

I tried some "Old People Can Hike!" videos, because that's true. Old people can hike. In fact, I see more old people hiking than I do young people. Since Jess stars in them, they can be found on the bottom of her page on this site. I'm not taking them to the new site.

Jess' Videos


Liza learns a new skill:

I took a Marketing seminar run by Sleaze Free Promotions to improve my marketing prowess. By their name, I assumed we wouldn't be promoting with naked bodies. That's good, because Jess would have been really pissed if I shaved her bald.

Turned out Shauntelle knows her marketing and the seminar was everything I hoped for and more.

Final Warning:

Just because I'm moving to a new site for my day to day communications don't expect me to stop experimenting on you. (I'll just experiment from there.) I like to push boundaries and test your limit of endurance. It comes from being raised by feral cats.







Adorable Middle Class Carrie Hanson

falls for her billionaire boss.

They are like different species with no common ground.

Will their love be enough to overcome all the disasters and obstacles they face during the